Anfersil introduces a new company image to its clients and employees
Anfersil, leader in the national segment of hydraulic installations, has a new, more modern and professional corporate identity.

An evolution in identity pointing to the future, following the changes that the company went through in recent years, by virtue of the good results obtained and aiming for the internationalization to new markets.

Composed by two different elements – logo and lettering – the new creative image embodies the strength, the dynamics and the rigor that characterize Anfersil, giving the company a unique personality.

In this sense, besides giving value to all the history of the brand, this new identity strengthens the company’s intrinsic values, adding new ones.

A strategic decision for a new visual concept arising from the reorganization of the company, the introduction of new organizational procedures and the adoption of more efficient brand management models. In short, a step towards the future, with a brand that follows the evolution of times.

“We wanted a visual identity that could transmit all the experience, energy and determination of the brand. I believe that we have achieved that with the new image, which, in addition to being more modern and convergent, embodies Anfersil’s ability to innovate, evolve and globalize”, stresses José Silva, managing partner of the company.
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