Anfersil Engineering provides a range of services in various fields of consulting, engineering and management of hydraulic projects.

With a specialized staff in various areas, the company is able to develop and carry out their work, seeking to identify with the aims and interests of their clients.

In accordance with the applicable rules, the scope of its activity focuses on the development or technical appraisal of projects.

The Anfersil Engineering way of working is guided by the following approach:

Technical Reports
Preparation of a preliminary technical reports to analysis the specialties.

The technical report is completed after we considered all relevant informations, obtained from the owners of the specialty projects.

Project Preparation
The services are developed in the following phases:

Procurement issuing the needed technical documents;
Licensing presentation of the set of adopted solutions, with the description and justification, specifications, technical conditions, floor plans and the overall estimated work value;
Execution releases the tender and awards the contract;
Technical Assistance during the phases of the contracts, ensure all the necessary explanations to the client.
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