Anfersil develops its actions and its credibility in the service providers market for the civil construction sector by progressively disseminating and consolidating the following intentions and guidelines:

- To attain in the market an image of technical credibility for its services, through a dynamic response to the needs of the customer, namely by improving its performance in:
_customer service,
_quickness of response,
_conformity of the supplied products,
_compliance with deadlines,

- To continually promote a sustainable growth, innovating the services provided, expanding the markets of action and using an adequate control of the costs;

- To continuously provide their employees with the skills and resources necessary for their "good" performance and participation in achieving the objectives of Anfersil;

- To encourage organizational change, resulting in the continuous improvements of performance, effectiveness and competitive posture;

- To meet the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

This Quality Policy is complemented by a set of indicators, serving as the basis for the evaluation of its comprehension and application in the several levels of the organizational structure, and according to which its revision is determined.

Convinced that we have provided ANFERSIL with the resources necessary to fulfill these claims, we confirm our absolute commitment and willingness to participate in the continuous improvement of the implemented Management System.

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